Here we present a list of the areas of our interest covered either by basic research or by auditing activities to debunk disinformation. Part of them is with published records, and another just with unpublished materials. Each from this relatively diverse set of topics is evaluated through its potential for a paradigm change. The evaluation is based on our estimation according to our current knowledge and experience and may be subject to change.

Following are links to those areas that have been already processed into a brief public presentation:


Physical basis of acupuncture

Basic and applied research on meditation

Chakra system

Flow and peak performance


Telepathy and extrasensory perception

Electromagnetic pollution

Plant consciousness


Mind-matter interaction

Out-of-body experience

Direct vision

Human aura, biofield, and biopotentials

Science-based spirituality

Other topics:

homeopathy and water memory, suggestion placebo hypnosis, nature of religions, psychosomatics, psychophysiology, consciousness and its altered states, subtle energies, retrocausality, breatharianism, alternative and complementary medicine, extraordinary human abilities.