For many years we were focused on bioresonance phenomena in alternative medicine because we felt the potential for breakthroughs. We collected information and tested its working principles both theoretically and experimentally. We have tested many accessible bioresonance devices and spoke with practitioners and company owners. We searched for bioresonance literature with the best explanations and evidence. We were trying to find professionals and scientists in bioresonance community. Gradually, from emphasis on understanding from the point of view of physics, we have shifted to a broader perspective including aspects of psychology, sociology, and business. While some of our results were already presented to the public (see references below), more popular explanations are still waiting to be compiled.

Several documentary photos from our investigation:

Fig. 1: Tests of Bicom bioresonance device. Can a rod “biotensor” swing when attached to a stand instead of a human operator’s hand?
Fig. 2: Test of Metatron bioresonance device. Can strawberry compote have human diseases determined by fictitious human age and sex?

Final verdict: Bioresonance “medicine” is a tricky cheating. However, many members of bioresonance community sincerely believe in this phenomenon.


TV documentary (a project with filmmakers from Bilifo, NGO) „Investigators: Bioresonance“ – teaser, documentary (in Slovak)

Youtube channel Investigators CB (in Slovak)

Experimental tests of bioresonance (in Slovak)

Presentation in Mensa club – main findings on diagnostics and therapy (in Slovak, 2017)

Brief summarization of the findings (in Slovak)

Invited lectures on bioresonance: seminar in Prague (Charles University), seminar in Brno (Masaryk University)

Critical assessment of both mainstream and pseudoscience at the EU level:

Teplan, M. – Štrbák, O. – Cifra, M. – Bajla, I.: Electromagnetic resonance in biological systems: Myth or reality?, In: Meeting of the EU project COST Action BM1309: European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications, Warsaw, Poland, 2017.

Constructive efforts within mainstream science:

Teplan, M. – Bajla, I. – Štrbák, O. – Cifra, M.: Development of experimental platform for investigation of biological response of cells to weak low frequency electromagnetic fields, In: MEASUREMENT 2017. 11th International Conference on Measurement, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Institute of Measurement Science, SAS, p. 237-240, 2017.