10. Campaign “Digital health – I have it in my power” for the Czech O2 (in Czech and Slovak). Responsible also for design of experiments, measurement, analysis, and interpretation of EEG and other physiological data.

9. Interview for the weekly magazine Téma: When measurements reveal the truth: What science says about dowsing, bioresonance, acupuncture and 5G (Téma no. 6/2024, in Slovak).

8. Podcast “Podcasts from behind the scenes“. Talk about production of Investigators documentary series. Director Peter Pokorný talked with physicist Michal Teplan about the initiation of the series, the pilot part about bioresonance, their methodology, experiments and other interesting findings (2024, in Slovak).

7. Broadcast premiere of the improved Czech version of the Investigators documentary series, Part 1 – Bioresonance (2024, in Czech and Slovak).

6. Scientific podcast of the Slovak Academy of Sciences: “Michal Teplan: All living organisms shine” (2023, in Slovak; introducing CAHUST from min. 39).

5. Night with Investigators at the festival of science – European Researchers’ Night 2023: Screening of a documentary film Bioresonance followed by a discussion with creators of the documentary series.

4. Interview for Akadémia magazine “Where do the boundaries of science begin and end” (2023, in Slovak).

3. TV documentary Investigators (2022, in Slovak) – Czecho-Slovak version of MythBusters – consisting of 6 parts: Bioresonance (teaser also in English, 2015), Dowsing, Clairvoyance, Astrology, Bretarianism, Astral Travel and Clinical Death. We participated mainly in the first episode, but we were behind the creation of the entire documentary series, as well as behind the scientific methodology of investigation.

2. Interview for Quark magazine “From biosignals to acupuncture” (2015, in Slovak).

1. Youtube channel Investigators CB (2014, in Slovak).