Our organization basically offers services in the next three areas:

1) Presentations and popular scientific lectures on our research and investigations.

2) Consultancy and audits in all areas related to our research. This covers the whole measurement process in general: From the literature assessment, through planning, experimental design, handling of hardware measurement devices, software measurement tools, data processing and analysis, and interpretation of the results, to the market applicability.

3) During the last 25 years we have built a solid body of knowledge mapping various innovative approaches and potentially usable technologies. Among them, many are already commercially exploited, however, often with false claims not based on proper evidence. That’s why we provide health technology assessment (HTA) and technology audits. Besides general HTA assessment, we are mainly focused on devices from Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). For more on HTA for CAM, please see here.

Audits of emergent technologies from diverse fields cover biomedical, physical, engineering, statistical, as well as psychological aspects. A few examples of audited technologies:

– Medical technology:

– Alternative medical technology: bioresonance devices such as BicomMetatronF-scanSuper Ravo ZapperRayonex. Variety of devices used in acupunctureGDV cameraAllatra.

– Psychophysiology: Muse EEGEliteHRV

– Sport technology: Rezztek

– Psychology and sports diagnostics: CA method

– Defense industry: Ralen Epofat – technology that is said to be based on sensing the human electromagnetic field

Moreover, we also provide services for book reviews. Several examples:

– James Nestor: Breath – New science of lost art (international bestseller)

– Dag Palovič: Eye opener (Slovak mental and life coach)

– Ľudovít Ódor – A crash course in genius (demanding improvements in 4 physics chapters – Relativity, Big bang, Quantum physics, Time)

Finally, for those who are convinced that they have developed new theories in the fields of biomedicine or physics, we provide consultancy and review services focused on checking for possible inconsistencies.

More details can be provided upon request.