For a majority of mankind, spirituality and belief in some kind of transcendence is a necessity somehow developed by biological evolution. To maintain such a worldview, there is a strong need for rationalization. One of the best ways how to do it is through reconciliation with science. The widely spread thesis is, that as modern science is developing, it can discover less visible or less „material“ domains. Thus, many of us believe in the existence of a subtle spiritual world and that its existence can be supported by contemporary science. Or, at least that science can gradually provide stronger clues for such evidence. Generally speaking, there is strong pressure for bridging spirituality with modern science. However, these widespread attempts can often have serious limitations and be based on incorrect assumptions.

The main mission of our NGO is to search for and investigate some of the strongest candidates for such evidence. However, only such areas make sense to us, which are scientifically more or less testable (including acupuncture, bioresonance, out-of-body experience, transcendence, extrasensory perception, biomagnetism, and much more). Being different from many who use philosophy and theorizing, we go into scientific research and look deeper into these topics. We attempt for real measurements and hard evidence, instead of feeble symbolic connections or false hopes.

We are in a situation with humankind in a crisis, hesitating and manoeuvring probably also due to the lack of a deeper sense of life. Explanations are desperately sought in different directions, either in traditional religions or in various new-age ways. Unfortunately, such a situation creates much confusion and a mess. In this context, we would like to contribute to the recognition of where the path does not lead to.