It’s considered some people possess an extraordinary ability to hold onto their body different objects and weights without letting them fall down. Is it a miracle or a new phenomenon connected to unknown human inner energy? And hence, does it deserve solid scientific investigation? – This was our original standpoint of view.

In our country, we had a man who made shows and owned records holding over 200 kg on his chest. Thus we made an investigation into this phenomenon. As the record man was already not alive, with Investigators (a mixed group of scientists and a TV crew), we have found a bit less ambitious performer in the middle of Slovakia. During our visit, he showed us several performances, including 40 kg holding on his chest (Fig. 1), as well as keeping different smaller objects (Fig. 2). A special preparation was needed, presented as occult and martial arts practices serving for the accumulation of inner energy.

Fig. 1: Concentration with the marble plate.
Fig. 2: Holding of both magnetic and non-magnetic objects.

However, gradually we realized, that physical exercise served for heating his body. And thus swelling a bit, so the friction at the contact of the object put on the body was increased. Also, chest hairs were shaven in order to not weaken the friction. Moreover, the position was usually not quite vertical, but from the right angle of the presentation, it just seemed so. Thus, essential conditions were friction, a sort of sticking, maybe also due to wet skin pores, together with somewhat negative pressure.

The term biomagnetism is a popular term, however, it can not be taken as a counterpart to real magnetism in physics. The reason is, that on the skin under the right conditions also non-magnetic materials were able to be stuck.

Then, the time came to challenge our own inner powers :). Out of the crew of 4 (Fig. 4), all of us but a religionist did all the magic we could remember, but finally, it was our TV director (with the least number of chest hairs) who, to the surprise of our esoteric host, demonstrated quite an advanced “biomagnetic” abilities (Fig. 3). Back home, the magical biomagnetic powers were observed also within our children (Fig. 5).

Fig. 3: Hidden powers of our TV director. The tube moved towards the attracting upper fingers.

Typically for this type of phenomenon, what looks to be incredible and can be skilfully presented as something supernatural or unexplained by contemporary science, might finally turn out to be quite natural. It means explicable by known knowledge of science.

Fig. 4: The four investigators (from the left: TV director Peter, biophysicist Oliver, physicist Michal, and religionist Lukáš) together with the biomagnetic master Mr. Daniel in the middle.
Fig. 5: Afterparty back home with our surprised children. Try yourself.

Final verdict: No superpowers, just known natural phenomenon.