Center for Advanced Human Studies

Welcome to CAHUST – Center for Advanced Human Studies. The goal of the Center is to perform research leading to a deeper understanding of human functioning, often involving wholistic and spiritual aspects. Along with mainstream science, we investigate different borderline phenomena related to human life, with the aim to search for a possible paradigm shift in natural sciences.

Our investigations are partly driven by a search for a deeper meaning of life. Could humans be more than material bodies? Can we possess extraordinary abilities? We focus on areas that seem to be related to such questions. We conduct both basic and applied research, gather evidence, estimate feasibility as well as debunk disinformation in a number of fields that stand in between mainstream science and unconventional approaches. While being open-minded, we rely on current scientific methods and knowledge, as well as principles of critical thinking.

Our goal is to build an independent research organisation together with a┬ánetwork of PhD researchers interested in performing research activities in the areas related to the CAHUST’s scope.

In addition to the mentioned activities, we are also engaged in educational activities and the popularization of science.

Call for researchers: If you have identified with some of our ideas or approaches, hold a PhD, have the skills and courage to contribute to cutting-edge research and are based in our region or beyond, we’d love to hear from you.