Health technology assessment

Who can benefit from our Health technology assessment (HTA) services:

According to our experiences, various subjects may take advantage of HTA audits. Here we briefly explain the benefits for three types of clients:

1. Companies: There are companies that consider procuring or already are providing diagnostics and/or treatment with some unorthodox technology. Although their business plan might work to some extent, without proper knowledge and experience, their services might be questionable, unethical, or just wrong. Oftentimes, we have observed situations, when companies did not know what they had and why it was not working in such a way as it was claimed. Gradually, they might regret their investment in this direction and even might be forced to cease it. Eventually, by facing a lawsuit.

2. Private investors: It’s not seldom when families decide to buy quite an expensive device. However, without proper understanding, you might not get from it what you expected. This might bring disillusionment and loss of investment.

3. Patients: They might be divided roughly into two groups. In the first group there are those who possess money for regular visits of unorthodox treatment, together with not so severely compromised health. In the second group there are those who neither possess money for that nor bearable health. Instead of wasting their money, both patient types could rather invest in different kinds of treatment that might work for real. Unfortunately, it’s sad that in the second group there’re also patients at the edge of terminal illness, where time for the application of proper treatment may play a crucial role. In such a case, offering unorthodox medical services to these patients might be highly unethical. However, based on our experiences, providers of such procedures often sincerely believe in the suitability and effectiveness of offered treatments.

Interestingly, there are several reasons why many people believe they might have both proper evidence and competent understanding.

Overall, consultations might not only save a lot of money but sometimes even life. Moreover, there is an added value: Shifting your understanding in the areas where you might have been stuck for years. We know firsthand what it means to believe for many years in certain functioning of the World and how it feels after an eye-opening transition. Maybe, there is a potential for opening your eyes in the areas placed to the center of mankind’s understanding of the World and human life…