Audit of science-based-spirituality resources

Are you fascinated by attractive claims from different spiritual traditions, new age movements, complementary and alternative medicines, or sellers of adjacent technological devices? Great, we too. Moreover, we are able to assess the probability of how much it might be true 🙂 .

Whether you love the writings of Chopra, Montagnier’s work supporting homeopathy, believe in biophotons as a bridge between science and spirituality, Masaru Emoto crystals, Moody’s life after death, or bioresonance for healing…

We investigate these realms, when necessary, we dig through original papers and examine technical details. Sometimes, obvious problems appear, but other times even those trained in physics, biomedicine, or psychology may find it challenging to notice inconsistencies.

Quite often, many “alternative information” and spreading of disinformation derive from a relatively small set of original sources. Certain sources occur repeatedly also in separate topics. During over 20 years we tracked down perhaps a majority from the most important of them. They create a sort of network spread all over the world, that is shifting the world’s population opinion. As the caused damages might be large, the attempt to mitigate them is of great importance. In the first step, they should be traced down properly and labelled appropriately. In the second step, particular measures can be implemented.

The consequences of this huge bunch of belief systems impose different kinds of harm to humankind, including false and dangerous beliefs, hostility among people, negligence of proper medical care, and eventually billions of man-hours more or less lost due to investment of time and energy into false hopes and directions.

Moreover, this project also serves those, who would like to live in intellectual honesty, rather than in illusion.